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Single Origin Un-Roasted Chocolate is here.
cacao fruit luscious un-roasted chocolate Raaka
Image courtesy of Raaka Chocolate
If it's another category aside from Really Good Coffee that we love, it's this one. Serendipity allowed us to meet. And passion keeps us together. You will be hard pressed to find a company as unique as Raaka Chocolate in Brooklyn, NY. ("I know, I know - not another Brooklyn thing"...but hang tight). This company is the real deal...
Raaka has been gracious enough to let us partner with them here on our website. And we are very, very Grateful. I mean who wouldn't want to partner up with a delicious chocolate company? If for no other reason than who doesn't love Really Good Chocolate? We only partner with brands that do it right and they are hitting all the marks.
colorful delicious un-roasted chocolate bars
Image courtesy of Raaka Chocolate
So did we mention SINGLE ORIGIN UN-ROASTED CHOCOLATE? Sugary death chocolate this is not! This ain't your grandpa's dark chocolate. You will not find any artificial junk, green-washed ingredients, or shoddy additives here. These are straight up the most unique, healthiest, guilt-free Chocolate bars we have ever consumed. Sheesh, I mean the Cacoa the owner goes out and hand selects is so good they were afraid to even roast it!
They even have bars made without any added sugar. Low Carbers rejoice! Raaka figured out how to get fruits and vegetables (can you say Yucon?) to couple with some of the cleanest, most sustainable Cacao the planet has, and roll it out into the masterpieces that grace the following pages. Heck you can even rejoice if you are Vegan, Gluten Free, Soy Free, Organic, not Organic, Lactose Intolerant, Transparent, Opaque, Non-GMO - whatever. Just say Hooray because the buck stops here when it comes to the bottom line in Really Good Chocolate bars.
Raaka Chocolate Un-roasted Brooklyn NY
Image courtesy of Raaka Chocolate
Raaka Chocolate has a lot to offer whether it's their story, their creativity, their people, or their dedication to the craft. They have it all - they are the real deal. And they've managed to become very successful and build one heck of a business in the not-so-uncrowded space of Confections. So for us at Wisecrack Roasting Company it's part chocolate addiction, part envy, part admiration, and part inspiration. We will continue to aspire to be this creative with our Really Good Coffee. Thanks Raaka!

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