Supercharge your coffee game with a proper burr grinder...

We are happy to announce that we are one of Baratza's newest dealers. Baratza is a legend in the coffee grinder game with a rich history and one of the best reputations for customer service out there. 

If there is one thing you can do, one thing you should do, one simple thing that will absolutely, positively, 100% increase your perception of what #reallygoodcoffee can be - it's a burr grinder. Simply put...


Ask any coffee nerd about this and they might tell you a story of the moment they started grinding their coffee at home with a tool like this. Burr grinding your whole beans fresh, right before you brew will unlock an entire new world for your taste buds and your brewing game. 

Having the ability to dial in your grind consistency, while maintaining the flexibility to adjust your grind size to suit your taste buds gives you a whole new set of tools to take your coffee to the next level. You will be rewarded with the flexibility to truly "work" with your beans to craft that morning cup into the masterpiece your taste buds deserve.

Coffee changes over time, and an adjustable burr grinder gives you the ability to work with it in a whole new way. Much has been written on the "interwebs" regarding the technical nature of this subject - so we will spare you the details. 

In short, a tool like this gives you the option to "tweak" your grind size in accordance with your preferred brew method. Yes, you definitely should not be grinding your coffee the same way for your French press, your pour over, or your espresso. Proper grind size is a must! 

You can do the research if you do not believe us, or you can just take our word for it. Burr grinding changed our mind, just like many before us, and it will change yours too! The bottom line is that using a tool like this will lead to and entirely new level of...


So treat your precious little beans with loving care. After all, you're investing in the purchase of #reallygoodcoffee, why not seal the deal and grind it right! Treat yourself to the most important tool in home brewing. And soon to be the most important appliance in your kitchen. 

I mean really, how much did you pony up for that Vegetable Spiralizer hidden in the back of your corner cabinet? What about that CO2 powered wine cork remover? C'mon...we know you have these things...and we know they never get any use ;)

We promise your new grinder will get plenty of use and will last a very, very, long time. Baratza grinders are easy to use, easy to clean, easy to maintain, and are backed with one of the best warranties in the biz. Plus service and replacement parts are readily available.
We are proud to be able to offer our customers the complete line of Baratza products. And we are confident that once you start using one, you will not regret it. You can check out the line of Baratza products we offer by clicking below...

PS... Here's a little intro video to help get you acquainted!

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